Over two hundred strong and growing daily, the RDC is a collective of creative heads with a passion for running and the exchange of ideas . We meet every Tuesday to run and explore the streets of London.

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So, this is what happens on Tuesdays. Stopping traffic at the heart of London with a couple of my running mates! #SWRDmcr #RunDemCrew #OxfordStreetChaos #ZoopZoop #AmsterdamSoonCome by applenah http://ift.tt/1r57ThI


#throwbackthursday supporting #londonmarathon #rundemcrew fam 2012 makes me think about my #running story…….
Running has completely changed my life. What was once a chore that I only took part in for the purpose of aesthetics has been the catalyst for everything positive in my life to date. Running has opened doors, given me a sense of belonging, it has changed my direction in life and made me more focused, motivated and inspired than ever. I was running when I realised I had to start my own business, I was running when I realised true friendships masked by no intoxicating confidence boosters or false bravado. Running is where I have fun and escape into music, just me. Running is my secret place where I can find my peace. Running was my calm when my father had a heart attack and I didn’t know if he’d live or die, it was my safety net when I thought I was drowning in grief. Running is my challenge, my success, my happiness, my reward and my inspiration. I am proud of myself when I run. My running belongs to me. by ewvenergy http://ift.tt/1obZDlB


Before there was #RDC there was @daddydarkrdc in #AtticaBlues. #TBT to sifting through the stacks of @deadlydragon with the man himself. by keithemorrison http://ift.tt/1FdeIIA

Keeping It Old School

Loving this crew

San Fran Women’s Marathon soon come☝️Sorrell is ready she ready


#EyeSeeNewYork in the rain, again. #NYC what are you up to on this rainy Saturday? (at #EyeSeeNewYork)


Flying Lotus + Kendrick Lamar – Never Catch Me

(I mean, this is an incredible video. Both dark and light-hearted, it’s beautiful, sad and almost funny. Excellent choreography. And the song itself is an impressive step forward for both artists: FlyLo fuses a lot of tempos and ideas into a very packed few minutes to create a dense psychedelic journey that hangs together impressively well; Kendrick showcases his vocal dexterity on a very tricky beat that suggests he’s willing push the boundaries of hip-hop further than most MCs).


Registration complete, let’s do this @stillwatersrundeepmcr!

#SWRDAlleyCat #stillwatersrundeepmcr #CrewLove #RunningCulture by stephenadjaidoo http://ift.tt/1pB0bMp


London represent for #SWRDAlleyCat @stillwatersrundeepmcr @rdcbridgethegap #crewlove #runningroundtheworld by fredbutlerstyle http://ift.tt/1rLpNJI


Timing || If this ain’t well timed, I dunno what is … #motivation #quote #inspiration #qotd by angeldeefitness http://ift.tt/1pB9v2U


T-minus 2 hours. Maps, race numbers, and nitro at the ready. #swrdalleycat by sorrellwalsh http://ift.tt/1rVC8wn


5k shakeout run pre #werunparis! #foodandlycra #nikerunclub #rundemcrew by supernoodlerach http://ift.tt/1rLbXap

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