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What a race - what a place!!! I have no idea what just happened today as I finished the @palestinemarathon in 2nd place - I ran solely on gut feeling in the heat and on a course covered with rolling hills - quite challenging - but I felt good all the way - finished around 3:33 (haven’t checked my exact time yet?) - PR with 12 minutes - @nbrorunning you gave me wings today 📷 by @ursulabach taken right after I crossed the finish line - now party #runpartyrepeat #crewlove @righttomovement #righttomovement #palestinemarathon - thank you Bethlehem for making me feel so welcome - we run to tell a different story by ullubulullu http://ift.tt/1h7yMg1

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Major Lazer feat. Pharrell - “Aerosol Can”

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"Kathrine Switzer had trained harder than ever and expected to run 3:20. For this special, official day she selected a white tennis outfit with a skirt. Under it she wore a black leotard and tights. She wore her hair up and took care to keep it neat. Photographers caught her in a moment of fixing her hair, and subsequent pictures showed jet appearing to be more concerned with preening that with raving. She had in fact been doing the training, but she felt obligated to appear feminine and attractive as well as to run quickly. She wanted to counter the public image of women athletes as necessarily unfeminine and unattractive. The point she wanted to make was the women did not have to look like a man to compete . Unfortunately, it was a hot day, and Switzer suffered from heat. She had thought the frictionless tights would help her; her other years in Boston were bitterly cold. But the tights, held on by the leotard, were a big mistake. She was trapped in her own clothes. When she could stand it no longer she stopped at the service station to chop of legs off her tights. She lost so much time hacking at the fabric that it cancelled the benefits of her increased training. She would have to come back to Boston another year to run a fast time."

"Boston Marathon" by Tom Derderian/ chapter "Women, Official at Last", Monday April 17, 1972: BAA bows to ladies.

#BostonMarathon #KathrineSwitzer #TomDerderian #rurc #elevatewomensrunning #runningculture (at Hudson Deli)

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Sending some @rdcbridgethegap vibes to all of our peeps running Boston this weekend. Run strong , run safe people #crewlove #bridgethegap #rdc #rundemcrew #boston #bostonmarathon #marathon #26.2 #heartbreakhill


Shalane Flanagan’s newly named Bowerman Track Club(BTC) Boston marathon jersey.

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Duppay Da Ting: Angel Dee is In The building


The right time || I am incredibly happy right now. I can finally say that I’m VLM alumni. I got this place 18 months ago and I started training straight away. A month later, I receive bad news and two months after that I said goodbye to my Gran. So training for this race then became my coping mechanism. I was unable to run it due to circumstances out of my control and I was devastated. Won’t bore you with the details again. This medal means a lot to me as it doesn’t represent any PB or glory, but picking myself up, moving out my comfort zone by leaving a job I wasn’t happy in and retraining from scratch. It represents not cutting corners, working three jobs - late nights early mornings getting up and out there and working my ass off. It represents everything I have done in the past year to just exist. This is for me, those who carried me when I couldn’t stand and more importantly my Grandmother. 18 minutes over my PB with a sprained ankle at Mile 16? I’ll have that. 😊 #VLM2014 #angelrunsVLM2014 #running #rundemcrew #family #Voltwomen #love #fitchicks #RespectMyHustle #mile21 by angeldeefitness http://ift.tt/1m0gbI5


Queen-Bee @sorrellve flew the flag for the North today and threw down at the Virgin London Marathon, achieving an absolutely stellar 22 minute PB in the process. Salutes to our speedy sisters! #SWRDMCR #RunDemCrew #VLM #BridgeTheGap #FasterThanTheSpeedOfLight

Duppy da Ting: Liam Is In The Building

To my fellow brother in Jazz and lover of obscure vinyl I salute you and thank you. You rocked that race today and the smile says it all. Well done


Little man dem.

#rundemcrew #mile21 #gunfinger by chopbot http://ift.tt/1ngIe5P

Why wait until you are old to start taking care of your health. At cheerdem we start dem young so the running bug is planted early. Our man Thom came down to help out today and made this beautiful sign. Ready he ready for tomorrow. If you get the community involved in race day you might be surprised at how many sign up to run it next year.


✌️ #CREWLOVE ✌️ by aboyandhisdog_ http://ift.tt/1ngOECf

Louis is ready he ready for the noise of cheerdem tomorrow. Calling all crews on deck


RDCVLM @camilafez nailing it!
Good luck tomorrow.

#mariecurie #london #marathon http://ift.tt/1ngOFpF

You can’t run a marathon if you don’t have dope nails for race day. Camilla is ready she ready and raising money for the Marie Curie cancder foundation.

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