Over two hundred strong and growing daily, the RDC is a collective of creative heads with a passion for running and the exchange of ideas . We meet every Tuesday to run and explore the streets of London.

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Our friends from Ice Cold NYC are not playing about . Soon come

(via chaptersxxx)

(via chaptersxxx)



For the crew, by the crew. The Death Is Certain T-shirt is now fully restocked and available through our BigCartel. Head straight through using the link in our bio. #SWRDmcr #StillWatersRunDeepmcr #SoRunForYourLife #MakingWaves



I seem to have been distracted by @sprewel8 ‘s shiny basketball shorts… #NBROrunning don’t do slow, easy, KM’s. “Social run”?! 😂 Ha! If you can keep up! 💨 My tired legs didn’t want to chase them this time! Thanks @bupivacain for the awesome company, and this great (pre-run) photo! #btgcph14 #nikerunning #rundemcrew (at Nørrebro)


Brooklyn Skate © Alexander Richter


Copenhagen Half was the hardest race I’ve ever ran.
It had nothing to do with myself, but all to do with the fact that I was running for my Granma. For the three weeks before the race I tried to grieve her but I had no tools for it, I still dont. But I knew that I need to run for her, because she saw the change in me, even though not understanding always.
So on raceday, when I saw my soulmate @kenthandlos and when he asked me that simple question “How are you?”, I just burst in to tears. Because I really didn’t know how I felt. I still don’t.
But he was there for me, hold me, let me cry and just get it all out. That is something I can never forget and it makes me so gratefull🙏.
I ran that race harder than I have run anything in my life. It was the hardest race emotionally, but physically the strongest.
The love and support that I had during this weekend was insane, thank you so much everyone. The smiles, hugs and words are so meaningful to me❤️. Never felt this loved and blessed in my life.
There is something special about us runners!
Photo @powerpaw thank you🙏
#blessed #gratitude #friendship #loved #btgcph #crewlove #alwayswithme #irunforgranma #undoordinary


Sprints with an 80-lb harness. Hello, Tuesday. Surrender what you are for what you can become. @tonehousenyc cross training with @thesrj @Doworkdaley. (at Tone House NYC)



In arriving back to London last week, I came home with new perspectives, bigger goals, and the sand of the Oregon coast still coating the inside of my trainers. I don’t really plan on removing it anytime soon, but when I do, the experiences and inspiration that I soaked up during Hood to…


Check out an interview with each of the 12 ladies that make up the Nike Voltwomen team on the Voltwomen Projects Tumblr​. Just over two weeks to go until our global team of women race Portland’s Hood to Coast relay, continuing in our venture to elevate women’s running.


Sorrell went to Hood To Coast and did da ting. Check out what went down


The time is now upon us. Copenhagen Half Marathon I hope you are ready. Come we go line up and do da ting. Shouts to all crew racing today wherever in the world you may be . May your footsteps be strong and the mental strength on point. You got this. #nbro #btgcph #btg #bridgethegap #crewlove #cheerdem #nike #nikerunning #rundem #rdc #rundemcrew

Ready We CPH Half Marathon Ready


Its not often you get offered an opportunity to board a two man plane with one of @RedBullUK ‘ s finest pilots.

The point of this little experiment? All in the name of science.

Red Bull and their team wanted to know how the body of someone who was athletically fit would react to the rigours…

Man like Beefy went up in the air. Read about what happened below.

All hail the mighty NTR out of Toronto. Loving this crew.

Seoul meets New York City . Knox meets Pay_Billz , PRC meets Black Roses


Teaser photo from a soon to be released lookbook for #unleashBEASTMODE.

#RP cc: @beastmode @treubleuimagery @elisoul01

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