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It’s Not About Me It’s About The People Dem

Back in the days pre Run Dem when I was teaching on a daily basis I’d often be called into some of London’s toughest schools to try and turn around the lives of their most troubled pupils. What frustrated me most was the inevitable slide back into criminal ways once the projects ended and I soon decided that opening a young mind and then abandoning them to their own devices with no further guidance was actually a pretty dangerous thing. The RDC Youngers Project was born out of this frustration and it’s our mission to identify young people who we feel have the potential to become inspirational leaders in their own right and give them a helping hand.

Chaka Bars is one of the young men I’m currently mentoring and despite his young age he’s already learning the ways of the Force and beginning to do his thing. Sunday was his first road race and to say he smacked it up is an understatement. Check out his eye opening race report here


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